Midnight Cowboy (1969)
She Quit Me (arr. as He Quit Me, sung by Leslie Miller)
Poor Poor Pitiful Me (Linda Ronstadt version)
The Color of Money (1986)Werewolves Of London
Love At Large (1990)You Don't Know What Love Is (performer, not writer)
Love At Large (1990)Searching For A Heart
Heaven Tonight (1990) ( A John Waters Film)Johnny Strikes Up The Band
Grand Canyon (1991)Lawyers, Guns And Money
Grand Canyon (1991)Searching For A Heart
Tales from the Crypt: "King of the Road" episode (1992)Roll With The Punches
Route 66 (1993)TV Series Theme Song: If You Won't Leave Me, I'll Find Somebody Who Will
Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead (1995)Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead
Tek War (1995)Real Or Not in addition to Soundtrack
MST3K:"The Thing That Couldn't Die" episode (1997)Werewolves Of London (uncredited)
Sliding Doors (1998)
Tenderness On The Block (Patty Larkin version)
Action (1999) TV Series Theme Song: Even A Dog Can Shake Hands
Great Writers, Great Cities (Carl Hiaasen in Miami) (2001)Seminole Bingo
Great Writers, Great Cities (Carl Hiaasen in Miami) (2001)Hostage-O
Made-Up (2002)
I'll Slow You Down
Breakfast with Hunter (2003)The Hula-Hula Boys
Breakfast with Hunter (2003)Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner
Breakfast with Hunter (2003)Lawyers, Guns And Money
Queens Supreme (2003)TV Series Theme Song: Lawyers, Guns And Money
Joan of Arcadia: "The Fire and the Wood" episode (2003)Back in The High Life Again (performer; written by Steve Winwood)
Boomtown (2003): "Blackout" episode
Lawyers, Guns And Money
Around the Bend (2004)Carmelita
CSI (original) (2005): "Grave Danger" episodeOutside Chance
North Country (2005)Werewolves Of London
Crossing Jordan (2005): "Locard's Exchange" episodeDon't Let Us Get Sick (Jill Sobule version)
Boston Legal (2006): "Helping Hands" episodeKeep Me In Your Heart
Hoot (2006)Werewolves Of London (Jimmy Buffett version)
Saved (2006): "Crossroads" episodeEl Amor De Mi Vida
Justice (2006)
Lawyers, Guns And Money
Gonzo: A Documentary (2007)Lawyers, Guns And Money
Californication (2008): "Slip of the Tongue" episodeMy Shit's Fucked Up
Californication (2008): "Le Petite Mort" episodeKeep Me In Your Heart
Californication (2007): "California Son" episodeMohammed's Radio
Funny People (2009)Numb As A Statue
Funny People (2009)Keep Me In Your Heart
Community (2010): "Physical Education" episodeWerewolves Of London (uncredited)
Looper (2012)
Enlightenment-Episode 2-03 "Higher Power"
Hula Hula Boys
Monday Mornings-Episode 1-09  "Family Ties"
Don't Let Us Get Sick (WZ Version)
Blue Bloods (2013): Episode 4-07 "Drawing Dead"
Knockin' On Heaven's Door (WZ's cover from The Wind)
Girls (2014) Episode 3-09 "Flo"
Don't Let Us Get Sick (Jill Sobule's rendition)
Grimm (03/21/14) Episode 3.15 "The Show Must Go On"
Werewolves of London