Comments in quotes are from Jordan Zevon.

Screen Capture from Letterman Show. "Les Paul dad gave me. I restored and sold it to buy my Ricky 12 string."

Another screen capture.  "That's the Black Knife currently on display at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame that he played for the last few years and on the final Letterman show. (also known as The Grey Visitation.)"

Ironic, isn't it, that WZ isn't in the RnR HoF but his guitar is...

"A Gibson 6 string that Dad asked me to give to his pal Carl Hiaasen."

Jordan said this in 2006..."That's Curly Joe, 12 string Ovation; I think Westwood Music has it for sale."

"Another Gibson. That's the acoustic I use for shows. I believe it's a Blues King Electro."

"'WZ and his Gibson harp guitar' more like Warren being photographed in a guitar shop and picking up the weirdest thing he could find. It wasn't his."

"That's a strat, might have been someone else’s. I didn't think he liked strats. I know I don't.
It's been verified by the photographer - this is a Rock Bottom Remainders performance where WZ borrowed a guitar - more than likely Dave Barry's, since Carl Hiaasen was told the red ones sound better."

"The Gibson 12 string. I had two exact same ones and traded one for my Jamison Amp."

The Steinberger

"I have no idea what the hell that is. Not one of dad's."

"Other than those there was a Fender P-Bass, 2 more Ovations, A grey/green Les Paul, A Rickenbacker lap steel, a grey Takamine 12-string, and the two Steinbergers.

"The oldest guitar would have been the 48 Fender Broadcaster, but he had already given that to me for my 30th."


Thanks to TallyGal Vicki for compiling all the guitar photos.